Working as a one-man band in the wedding photography business has been difficult, but something I have really enjoyed.

People ask how I get my work, and I tell them it is entirely word of mouth. Every wedding I have photographed has been through a referral of someone who has seen my work by attending a wedding or is a friend of a friend. This is incredible, and means I’m doing something right.

But recently, I have been extremely lucky enough to be featured in a few magazines that you may have heard of; Conde Nast ‘Brides Magazine’ and British ‘Vogue’.

‘Brides Magazine’ have featured me in THREE issues (One of these is below).

‘Vogue’ has also done the same, however, this issue is due out in a few weeks.

This is very exciting and I’m hoping it means big things for the future of ‘Kim Burrows Photography’.

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